Hey. This is the WIP console-tans chart I (a random anon) have been doing.

It's in its own site since it's huge and difficult to post on threads.

It's obviously still WIP. Meanwhile though, here's some basic info:

It has 253 drawings- of those, 248 of individual characters, and 171 consoles/systems/services/companies/etc are personified.

UPDATE 28/MAY/2019- Reorganised the chart. Probably need to re-reorganise it next week so it's not so vertical, is more square. Added some 8 new girls. Did some maths on it.

UPDATE 06/05/2020- Incoming big chart update and reorganisation. Meanwhile, made a new e-mail address- consoletansneocities@gmail.com - if you want to contact me, say, to ask for corrections on how I drew your design that's in the chart, or if you want to commission me.

Full-Res 5161x22525px 10.3MB

4129x18020 16.1MB

3355x14641 14.4MB

2322x10136 9.42MB

1290x5631 3.56MB Maybe postable on 4chan? The filesize's right, but dunno if the resolution's not too big.

1143x4990 3.56MB POSTABLE ON 4CHAN